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Print Advertising

While advertising in alternative mediasearch engine marketingbanner adsDRTV and e-mail marketing get most of the headlines, print advertising continues to be a cost-effective way to help consumers gain awareness of a new product or service. With newspaper and magazine circulations numbering in the billions, and the high level of specialization afforded by print (especially magazines), print advertising is a solid way to reach a highly targeted customer niche.

Print advertising also is effective because of its active response. Television conditions people to be entertained, so they just monitor the screen — a passive behavior. However, print advertising centers around focused reading and screening of the material. It’s an active choice by the reader, requires a higher level of attention and, therefore, results in a higher level of recall and has a greater impact on purchase-making decisions. Even a brief glance at a print ad can reinforce product messages gained from previous exposures.

Print advertising is both complementary and supplementary to the numerous traditional and alternative media advertising channels offered by Main Street Direct. Let us show you how to integrate print advertising into your direct response campaign.