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Outdoor Advertising

Along with the growth of alternative media, outdoor advertising continues to flourish as a cost-effective means for advertisers to get their messages to consumers. With Main Street Direct’s expertise in direct response marketing, we can help you devise an outdoor advertising campaign targeting national, regional and local hot spots.

When done correctly, outdoor advertising requires a minimum investment and can offer an outstanding return. When it comes to outdoor advertising, the four major product categories include:

  • Billboards
  • Alternative — kiosks, shopping mall displays, sports arenas, marine, etc.
  • Transit — trucks, buses, airplanes, car wraps, blimps, etc.
  • Street Furniture — benches, bus shelters, parking garages, bike racks, etc.

Targeting is crucial to using outdoor advertising for customer acquisition. We’ll help you plan a strategy that targets the right time of day for your ads to appear — typically in the morning and during the day — when consumers are more likely to make purchasing decisions. And we’ll help you localize your outdoor advertising strategy to target major business areas as consumers are more likely to shop near work.

Overall, outdoor advertising is a complement and a supplement to print advertising, radio advertising and television advertising, as well as other forms of digital media marketing. And Main Street Direct can show you how to make outdoor advertising an integral component of your multi-channel direct response marketing campaign.