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Billing Statement Media

Marketing through billing statement inserts can be a great way to leverage the implied endorsement of a trusted company to strategically target the right customers for your business. Main Street Direct has developed longstanding partnerships with a diverse list of billers including financial institutions, airlines, hotels, utilities, cable television, and mobile phone companies. Our expertise ensures that your unique marketing message gets into the right hands, at the right time.

There are many benefits to engaging in direct marketing through billing statement media:

  • Large and Responsive Audience — More than 300 million billing statements are sent every month to more than 200 million American consumers. Research has shown that these customers are highly responsive to direct mail offers.
  • Guaranteed to Be Opened — Statement media is time-sensitive and is sent by first class mail to updated addresses, so it is 100% deliverable.
  • Immediate Credibility — People buy from businesses they trust. Statement media carries the implied endorsement of the company sending the bill.
  • Attention Without Clutter — Statement media is delivered with no more than two or three non-competing offers.
  • Simplicity — The ease of ordering encourages high response.
  • Cost-Effective — Advertisers reach the country’s most responsive audience for 1/8th the cost of solo direct mail.
  • Strong Lifetime Value — Statement media goes to credit worthy customers in good standing, so advertisers typically report that customers acquired through statement media have a very high lifetime value.