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Social Media Marketing and Optimization

As a businessperson, you’re probably already familiar with social networking sites such as LinkedIn. But when it comes to success in social media marketing, it’s important to optimize for the whole range of social media sites, from Facebook to Twitter to Google Plus+. The landscape is complex, but Main Street Direct knows how to create and execute social media marketing solutions to get measurable results for your business and brand.

Social media marketing works by promoting your site, business or brand through the various social media channels in order to create awareness, drive traffic, and build links. There are two main components to social media – customer interaction and creating viral content.

Engaging your customers through social media is important because it costs more to acquire a new customer than it does to save an existing one. Maintaining a dialogue and proactively addressing issues helps keep existing customers connected and satisfied. It also sends a clear signal to prospective customers that you’ll be committed to them too.

Viral content creates a buzz around your brand and compels users to spread your message. It’s great for improving your company’s visibility and generating valuable inbound links to your site.

Effective social media marketing is all about creating a presence – on the web and in the minds of customers. At Main Street Direct, we’ll help you create this content through:

  • Blogs – Create your own company blog and comment on existing blogs to build credibility and generate inbound links.
  • Media Communities – Strategically posting relevant videos and photos on sites such as YouTube and Flickr helps to generate awareness of and interest in your products.
  • Groups and friends – Sites such as Facebook enable you to join groups related to your industry, and adding friends can help increase awareness, blog readership, feed subscribers and more.
  • Groups and mailing lists – Joining product- or service-related groups on Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups is a great way to reach your customers in an organic way.
  • Widgets and feeds – Creating viral marketing tools like widgets and syndicating your content through feeds (RSS, Atom, etc.) can help to spread your existing site and maximize your exposure on the Web.
  • Links – Links often are the holy grail of social media marketing and proper optimization of your link bait will help to achieve the links you need for better search engine rankings.